Look at the $$ you’d save without smoking

If you’re a smoker, the holidays are a great time to reflect upon the cost of smoking cigarettes.  Look at what you’d have saved in real money if you had given up smoking last Christmas:

  • One-pack a day smokers would be $2,555 richer; that’s the equivalent of nearly $213 a month.
  • Half-pack a day smokers would have 1,277.50 more to spend on gifts, or about $106.45 a month.
  • Even those smoking five cigarettes a day would have saved $638.75, or about $53.25 a month.

Just think of the great gifts you could have given your loved ones if you had all that money you spent on smoking. 

Everyone knows it’s hard to kick the habit, even most smokers are well aware of the health care issues they may face in later life and the damage that their second-hand smoke may have on others.  Perhaps the added realization that the habit is costing them lots of cash will create an even greater incentive to stop. 

What a great holiday gift that would be to yourself, your family and friends!  Robert Cherry, Coordinator, Milwaukee Tobacco Free Alliance


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