CVS to cease tobacco sales in 2014


It is with great excitement that I woke to the announcement of CVS pharmacies discontinuing the sale of tobacco products in their stores as of October 1, 2014 on the sole basis of supporting their customers’ and the public’s health. No report of the announcement was shy to mention that the company was predicted to face a $2 billion loss from the decision either.

But according to the most recent Surgeon General’s report, tobacco products cost the United States 289 billion dollars and 440,000 lives annually. For these companies, whose main purpose is to promote health and provide cures to illnesses, it is a major conflict of interest to sell these tobacco products just a few aisles away. By halting their tobacco sales, CVS is making a wise and courageous move and sending a resounding systematic message that tobacco has no place in a lifestyle of health.

So while CVS may be losing an estimated $2 billion from this decision, I am now personally committed to taking my/my family’s business to CVS over other health-based companies that have yet to make this business change. Bravo, CVS- I look forward to shopping with you!


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